Tuition 2017-18

Program Half Day (9am–12noon) Full Day (9am-3pm)
Five Day Mixed-Age Kindergarten
4 to 6 yrs
$10,870.00 $18,030.00
Five Day Nursery
3 to 4-1/4 yrs
$10,870.00 $18,030.00
Three Day Nursery
3 to 4 yrs
$8,600.00 $12,620.00
Three Day Young Nursery
2-1/2 to 3-1/4 yrs
$8,600.00 $12,620.00

Annual and monthly payment plans are available.

A 10% sibling discount (applied to the lesser tuition) is provided for families with more than one child enrolled in Parent-Child, Nursery or Kindergarten. The discount does not apply to Parent & Infant and Parent & Toddler programs.


Extended Day Options

Prices are for full week enrollment. Partial week enrollment is possible.

Early Birds (8–9am) $1,950.00 M-F
Lunch (12–1pm) $1,950.00 M-F
Aftercare (3-6pm) $4,110.00 M-F