2015-16 Adult Education: Cooperative Caregiving, Building Blocks to a Self-Confident Child
  • Cooperative Caregiving
    February 24, 2016
    7:30 pm

Event Phone: 301-565-2282

Ever wonder how you can avoid power struggles about dressing and other self care situations with your little one? Enjoy an evening of active discovery, with lecture and discussion with Liz Hagerman, Birth to Three specialist, to explore what components in early childhood contribute to a child who is secure, competent and confident.

Liz Hagerman MA, BC-DMT, is a board certified dance/movement therapist and infant massage instructor. “Miss Liz” has studied motor development and the relationship of motor development to the development of sense of self and offers adult education in the DC metro area  supporting free, self initiated motor development.  Working from the insights of both Rudolf Steiner and Emmi Pikler, Liz studied at Sophia’s Hearth Family Center with Susan Weber and Jane Swain, and is a mentor in their teacher training program.  Liz completed the Pikler courses, level I and II  in Budapest and Level III in the U.S. with Anna Tardos and Agnes Szanto.   Since 2007, Liz has developed and taught Acorn Hill’s Birth to Three Parenting programs and now teaches similar programs in the DC metro area.

Parents, caregivers, grands and others don’t miss this opportunity!  Come learn about the Waldorf early childhood approach in general and gather some specific tools for your parenting ‘tool belt’!

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Venue Phone: 301 565-2282

9504 Brunett Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland,  20901