Playing in the sandOne has only to visit our sun-filled lobby in the morning to get a sense of our remarkable community spirit. Within the quiet chaos of children awaiting to enter their classrooms, moms, dads and faculty excitedly exchange ideas, make plans, organize events; and, read information on upcoming classes, community resources, or “babysitter needed” on our bulletin board.

Acorn Hill, like all Waldorf schools, relies on a strong sense of community to sustain the school. We endeavor to make Acorn Hill reflective of the rich diversity of our area and attendance within reach of all families irrespective of financial resources. Parents, faculty and board, through commitment and volunteerism, play a crucial role in Acorn Hill’s on-going vitality, generating support and a warm social forum while sharing resources and gaining valuable experiences – an education for both children and adults. Caring and respect lay the groundwork for communication and mutual feedback between faculty and parents about our program philosophies and their children, and for assuming responsibilities for school functions, fundraising, outreach events and other undertakings.


We encourage parental involvement at school and, in fact, it is intrinsically linked with our curriculum. Parents enjoy seasonal and birthday festivals with their children and participate in home visits, parent evenings and conferences. We provide an Adult Education Evening series and a resource library for parents interested in gaining a deeper understanding of their child and our philosophy. Parents attend and help at school functions, host workshops, hold seasonal activities, and plan fundraising events. Our Parent Circle organizes such affairs, including the Spring Fair craft sales and the Silent Auction, both major school fundraisers. Parents and a faculty representative meet monthly and provide a venue for planning and discussions.

Besides involvement at the class and school levels, we also depend on parents, faculty and board members in a financial and spiritual level through donations and circle, committee and board work to preserve and enhance Acorn Hill for future generations.