Financial Aid & Grants

Tuition Assistance

Acorn Hill is committed to the principle that every child should be able to attend a Waldorf school. Acorn Hill offers a program for tuition assistance to help families meet the expenses of private education.

Tuition assistance is available on the basis of need. A general guideline for eligibility is that a family should devote between 10% to 15% of their gross annual income to the education of their children. This range takes into account several different family circumstances including the cases of single and divorced parents. These guidelines are not fixed and all applications are reviewed on an individual basis. Accordingly, special circumstances that can profoundly affect a family’s financial resources are considered in an appropriate manner.

Tuition assistance is available for the Parent-Child, Three Day and Five Day classes of Acorn Hill. Tuition assistance applications are due February 1. There is no fee to apply for tuition assistance.


Diversity Grants

Acorn Hill offers a special grant program to encourage families with children of African heritage to consider Acorn Hill and experience Waldorf education. These grants are offered in appreciation for the pioneering role that African-American families play in helping Acorn Hill meet one of its educational goals—achieving ethnic and racial diversity. The faculty and board are strongly committed to nurturing a school community that reflects the rich diversity of our surrounding community. So doing, Acorn Hill will better serve the needs of all our children and families.

Acorn Hill invites any parent who is interested in enrolling a child of African heritage in our school to request the special financial grant. Grant requests are due February 1. The Diversity Fund grants are available for each child enrolled and cover one-half of the tuition for the Parent-Child, Three Day and Five Day morning and full-day programs not to exceed one-half of the Five Day morning tuition per year. Each child may receive up to a total of $6,000 for the overall time they are enrolled at Acorn Hill. There is a limited amount of Diversity Fund money available and grants are distributed in the order the requests are received. Diversity Fund grants are made annually and families must make a new request to the Fund each year.

These grants are given outright as a gesture of our commitment to diversity; therefore, if financial assistance is needed, families may also apply to our need-based Tuition Assistance Program.