Parenting Programs for Birth to 3

Birth to 3 Parenting programs at Acorn Hill provide guidance and a supportive structure for families of very young children. From early infancy to age 3, we offer a quiet, gentle and developmentally appropriate environment in which both you and your child may explore and thrive, along with a diverse community of families. Our Parent-Child class offers the ideal transitional experience between parenting and independent classes. All classes meet once per week and are grouped according to age and development.

  • 2020-21 Parent Child registration now open!

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  • 2020 Fall Parent Infant/Toddler registration opens on Mon, May 18 at 10am

Our Classes

6 weeks through creeping
8 weeks, $295
Thursday, 11:30 am-12:45 pm

Fall session 2019: Sept 19 – Nov 14 (no class Oct 3)
Winter session 2020:
Jan 16 – Mar 12 (no class Feb 6)
Spring session 2020: Mar 26 – May 28 (no class Apr 9, May 7) Spring Parent Infant 1 is cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our Parent & Infant programs are built upon the work of Rudolf Steiner (founder of Waldorf education) and Emmi Pikler (founder of the Pikler Institute). We also utilize current early childhood research, with attention and respect for the common sense and wisdom of generations of parents. This class offers a quiet, nurturing, supportive time for parents to simply be with their babies and to let their babies BE. Both parents and infants receive individualized attention and are introduced to the concepts of:

  • conscious, cooperative care giving to support attachment and attunement
  • self-initiated movement to support emerging sense of self and self confidence
  • observation with warm objectivity to enhance parental confidence

Liz class outside toddlers sand

Mobile Babies – Crawling to Confident Walking
8 weeks, $295
Friday, 11:30 am-12:45 pm

Fall session 2019: Sept 20 – Nov 15 (no class Oct 4)
Winter session 2020: Jan 17 – Mar 13 (no class Feb 7)
Spring session 2020: Mar 27 – May 29 (no class Apr 10, May 8) Spring Parent Infant 2 is full.

As babies begin to mobilize, their environment must change. This class provides a safe yet challenging environment for babies to explore, roll, crawl, climb, stand and interact. The concepts of Parent & Infant I will be continued with new topics such as:

  • feeding and nourishing your baby
  • sleep for you and baby
  • rhythm and routine for you and baby
  • creating family traditions
  • movement and cognitive development

14 months to 2 years
10 weeks, $675
Thursday or Friday, 9-11 am

Fall session 2019: Sept 12/13 – Nov 21/22 (no classes Oct 3/4)
Winter session 2020: Jan 9/10 – Mar 19/20 (no classes Feb 6/7)
Spring session 2020: Mar 26/27 – Jun 4/5 (no classes Apr 9/10) Spring Parent Toddler Thursday and Friday are full.

As our babies stand and walk, we want to continue to support their lives with rhythm and routine. While with our children, we work on  being in the moment while setting the tone of quiet industry which lets the children explore and begin their journey to free play. Your child will have space to explore movement and opportunities for social interaction. Parents will havestacking PT class_20130404 opportunities to work with toddler issues, including conflict. Together, parents and toddlers share:

  • circle time of songs and movement
  • a simple story
  • a wholesome snack
  • time outdoors, no matter the weather!

2 to 3 Years by Sept 1
Thursday or Friday, 9:15-11:30 am

Full year 2020-21: Sept 10/11– June 3/4, 35 weeks, 8 parent-only evenings, $2920, deposit of $584, 8 monthly installments of $292
Fall semester 2020: Sept 10/11– Dec 17/18, 14 weeks, 3 parent-only evenings, $1285, deposit of $409, 3 monthly installments of $292
Spring semester 2021: Jan 7/8 – June 3/4, 21 weeks, 5 parent-only evenings, $1835, deposit of $375, 5 monthly installments of $292

Our Parent-Child program offers a course of training for child and parent alike, and an introduction into the setting of a Waldorf early childhood classroom. The ideal transition experience, it provides a welcoming and nurturing place for children to be in a school environment with parent still present as security. Parents will learn and experience wet-on-wet watercolor painting, simple knitting and sewing, basic wool felting, and a variety of simple domestic activities which can be adapted for home. Parents will have further opportunities for discussion in regular parent evenings and working with child development such as play, warmth, conflict and sleep. Toilet training not required. Your child will have a safe and nurturing classroom experience and will have the opportunity to develop in the areas of:

  • sensory foundations
  • physical/motor foundations
  • interpersonal foundations
  • language and preliteracy development