Safety is our top priority for the entire community.

Acorn Hill is open during the 2021-22 school year and operates under one of two scenarios: in-person or remote learning. The decision to implement a scenario is determined by an ongoing evaluation of the pandemic in the greater community, guidance from the MD Department of Health, and by our school’s specific needs as they may arise. We are currently open in-person, and this is how we hope to operate for most of the school year.

Because of the inherent interconnectedness of an in-person school community, ALL our actions and choices have an impact on those around us. We must therefore agree to a shared caring of our community. Please read Acorn Hill’s Parent and Teacher Shared Community Commitment HERE.

Safety is our top priority for the entire community – children, teachers/staff, and families. We follow all local, state and CDC guidelines, and have implemented the following safety measures: