Annual Giving

The Annual Fund forms the heart of our development efforts at Acorn Hill, ensuring community growth through outreach and fundraising.

Annual giving allows our Board of Directors to set tuition at a level that encourages financial diversity among families and enables every parent to participate meaningfully in the financial life of the school with a tax-deductible gift. Annual Fund income contributes directly to faculty salaries and benefits, facility maintenance, and classroom materials. Annual Fund gifts make a significant difference in the lives of all of our students and teachers.

Our goal for participation among faculty and board members is 100% each year, and we generally achieve well above 95%.


Why should current families contribute to the Annual Fund?

Acorn Hill also strives for 100% participation among current families, and it is the percentage of participants that is most important.  A high level of participation by current families indicates interest and involvement and reflects the general financial health of the school. This will be particularly important should the school decide to seek loans or gifts from outside funding sources for future growth.

We greatly value all gifts, whether large or small, and ask current families to make Acorn Hill a priority for their charitable giving while their children are here.

All contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.