The Board of Directors are responsible for the legal and financial oversight of Acorn Hill.

The Board establishes the school’s mission and approves programs, budgets and specific actions to attain these goals. It meets regularly, and Board members share their professional expertise and sense of community in the decision-making process. The Board has also established several sub-committees to devote concentrated time and expertise to effectively render recommendations and decisions in various areas. The life of the school is always enhanced by new insights and therefore the Board has an ongoing process of looking for committed individuals to devote the time and efforts necessary for the Board functions.

Tuition Assistance Committee

This committee confidentially reviews applications for need-based aid, determines award amounts, notifies families and manages the budgeted fund. Read more about Tuition and Aid.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee oversees programs aimed at attracting a more diverse parent, faculty and board community; sponsors outreach events to bring more awareness of cultural diversity to our children and the community; and monitors the Diversity Fund, a non-needs-based tuition grant for children of African-American heritage.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for establishing financial policies, reviewing periodic financial statements, directing endowment, and investing activities and recommending an annual budget to attain the goals of the organization.

Board of Directors