We are committed to the rich diversity of our surrounding community.

The Acorn Hill Faculty and Board are strongly committed to nurturing a school community that reflects the rich diversity of our surrounding community. On November 27, 2000 our Board formally adopted this resolution:

“Faculty and Board of Acorn Hill consider racism and any form of discrimination to be totally unacceptable. We fundamentally reject any view which questions the equal value of every individual. We explicitly reject any racial doctrine attributed to or inferred from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner or any other person.”

We acknowledge the local land on which we live.

Furthering this commitment, Acorn Hill recognizes the local land. On December 14, 2021 our Board formally adopted this resolution:

“The community of Acorn Hill respectfully acknowledges that we reside in the traditional territory of the Piscataway people, and are surrounded by the land of many tribal nations along the Anacostia/Nacotchtank and Potomac River watersheds. Today the indigenous people who reside in these areas continue to strive for recognition and restoration of sovereignty. We recognize our responsibility as members of an educational community to deepen our understanding of the history and impact of settler-colonialism on our nation and our neighborhoods, and to thoughtfully bring this in our work throughout the year.”

We all benefit from greater diversity within our school.

Our ongoing work with diversity, equity and justice has led us into an inquiry of the benefits of racial and ethnic diversity for the individual child and for the Acorn Hill community. We hold an evolving vision for advancing diversity in our consciousness, our curriculum and our community, and appreciate the willingness of our Acorn Hill community to confront societal issues in order to strengthen our program and better serve the children of our area. Recognizing that we all benefit from greater diversity within our school, we are committed to this principle:

“Acorn Hill commits to making our school a place where families, faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds feel welcomed and expressly valued. Our faculty and staff strive to bring students to an understanding and experience of the common humanity of all the world’s people–transcending stereotypes, prejudices, and divisive barriers. We will undertake the work necessary to prepare our children and ourselves for the challenges and joys of life in a diverse society.”

Children on seesaw