2021-22 School Year

In case of inclement weather, Acorn Hill will make an independent decision by 8 am. Parents will be contacted by email and text, and the home page of the website and our answering machine recorded message will be updated.

carts in the snow

Our Closure Rationale

Our preference is to be open and outdoors every day. We believe this is what is best for the children. Due to rising COVID rates, it is not advisable that we spend long periods of time indoors.  When the situation calls for it, we have “warming breaks” so that the class can come inside for short periods of time to regroup. During “warming breaks”, children are indoors and masked. Windows are open, fans are on, and teachers have activities to encourage physical separation as much as is feasible. This is how we intend to keep children warm and happy during our colder days.

When we decide to close or delay school, we do not make this decision lightly. For forecasted storms, we will monitor the weather closely the evening before and delay making a decision to attain the most accurate assessment of the weather the next morning. If we believe conditions require that the entire class needs to be indoors for an extended period of time, we will either shorten the day or cancel school. We will also assess if the roads are safe for driving. If driving conditions are unsafe for teachers and parents, we will either delay by one hour or cancel school.

One particularly challenging forecast for outdoor programming is torrential rain that is expected to last many hours, especially when the outside temperature is cold. This type of weather – hard, fast, constant rain and cold – requires that we go inside for the whole day. Again, it is not advisable that we spend long periods of time indoors. In this case, we may opt to close school for that day.

We recognize the uncertainty this creates and the disruption it has on our families. However, we remain committed to providing a safe environment for everyone. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe.