Welcome to Acorn Hill!

Acorn Hill is a vibrant community of families and friends sharing the journey of parenting young children. Parent involvement is encouraged and appreciated! The best way to get involved? Join theĀ Parent Circle. And please plan to participate in the many activities and events scheduled throughout the school year. Together we can navigate the issues facing us as parents today, and support each other as we try to incorporate more Waldorf methods into our home lives.

Handwork Circle

Enjoy socializing with other Acorn Hill parents online while making craft items for the Wee Shoppe event and Spring Fair. All skill levels are appreciated and children are welcome. Email the Handwork Circle Coordinator, Lauren Schauf, at ltc1002@gmail.com for information. For Handwork Circle dates, view the Parent Circle Calendar.

Social Media

Please like Acorn Hill on Facebook, and see relevant articles and events in our area. You can also follow us on Instagram @acornhillwaldorf. Check out our videos on YouTube.