Health & Permission Forms

Below are all requisite forms for your child to attend Acorn Hill. Note that several forms require a visit to your child’s pediatrician. All forms are due by July 1, 2020. This is an extended deadline due to the current coronavirus outbreak.

Step 1: Reference the applicable checklist

  1. School Year Checklist
  2. Summer Program Checklist

Step 2: Complete the required forms as indicated on the checklist

  1. Health Inventory with Blood Lead Certificate
  2. Immunization Certification
  3. Emergency Form
  4. Permission Sunscreen Insect
  5. Permission Walk Day
  6. Permission Photo
  7. Allergy Action Form
  8. Asthma Action Form
  9. Medication Administration Authorization

Step 3: For your reference

  1. Guide to Regulated Childcare

Questions? Need hard copies? Call us at 301-565-2282, Monday – Friday, 9 am-5 pm. Thank you!